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Band : Killus
Title : Ultrazombies
Release Date : January 1, 2016
  1. Ultrazombies
  2. Welcome to my Madness
  3. White Lines
  4. Witch's Pact
  5. 666. Satanachia
  6. Motherfuckingstein
  7. Mr. Jack
  8. The Last Passenger
  9. Crazy Trip on the Road
  10. Know your Enemy
  11. 3 seconds
  12. The Ghost Under my Bed

Supersixx – Vocals
Ruk – Guitars and programming
Premutoxx – Bass
Nano – Live drummer

All music and lyrics created by Killus
Produced, mixed and mastered by Ruk & Killus
All songs recorded at Hell’s studio by Ruk & Killus
Additional guitars in Ultrazombies by Tim Earstream
Additional vocals in White Lines by Roman Marisak
Additional vocals in The Witch’s Pact by Angela Roca
Additional vocals in 3 seconds & Crazy Trip on the Road by Vixteria Hollow
Cover and back cover designed by Damien Worm
Artwork by Ingrid Gala